Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Thanks be to Darren...

As I sit down for the night to gather my thoughts, I was peeping around all my favorite sites to see what new happened today and low and behold http://www.sportsagentblog.com/ gave me some nice kudos. I want to welcome all you frequenters of Darren's wonderful site. His site helped inspire me to start my own, and while I may never reach the sophistication of Darren's site, I will try to keep you updated on a daily basis.

Today's progress was pretty good. My coworker who is going to introduce me to Ken Kremer, gave me the name and contacts of another one of his friends who is the director of ministry operations for The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It may not sound like much but they have a lot of volunteer work with big time stars in all sports. When the new year gets settled in more I am going to see about volunteering for them when I have time. If nothing else I think it will look good on internship resumes for the big name sports agency firms. This guy is also affiliated with Athletes in Action.

Again I want to give props to Darren Heitner for the mention and hope to repay him with more comments on his great topics. Make sure you click on all his advertisement links to help support his tremendous effort. I am also going to leave you with a quote for today to help keep you inspired.

Vance Havne
"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs."


Amy said...

I'm no agent, salesman, or businesswoman, but it seems to me that you should feel compelled to commend a fellow agent on being able draw in such a contract. Afterall, your future clients are going to want you to help bring in the big bucks. Right?

That said, is your disgust with the deal out of competitiveness, or concern for the company? Or do you believe that a good business is simply one that works with another to maintain a support system for success?

amy said...

my bad.... meant to post that under the "what were they thinking"

Chaotic said...

Scott Boras was the agent and I ended the article noting he was my idol. I wouldn't call it disgust as much as a mind boggeling acceptance.