Monday, January 1, 2007

What were they thinking...

Who in their right mind gives a 7 year contract to a 28 year old 3.83 era worth 126 million dollars. No one, the only explanation is the magical wacky weed must be strong in San Fransisco. My hat's off to Scott Boras who somehow managed to get star quality money for a player who had one great season and 5 mediocre ones.

Lets assume he starts 30 games a season for the next 7 years that comes to over 600k a game. According to sports illustrated the average ticket price in Giants stadium is $24.53( ) just to cover their delusional asses they need to sell over 24,000 additional tickets every time Zito pitches. Who ever made that terrible business decision needs an extreme amount of shock therapy.

Scott Boras you are my idol

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amy said...

I'm no agent, salesman, or businesswoman, but it seems to me that you should feel compelled to commend a fellow agent on being able draw in such a contract. Afterall, your future clients are going to want you to help bring in the big bucks. Right?

That said, is your disgust with the deal out of competitiveness, or concern for the company? Or do you believe that a good business is simply one that works with another to maintain a support system for success?