Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays...

I had trouble falling asleep last night/this morning so I decided to buck up and finish reading "The Business of Sports Agents". Unlike Drew's book which I read all 250ish pages in one sitting, this short 160 page overview reads like a dictionary thru most of it. I did find a lot of the examples listed as interesting, but there was no depth in the stories. Just when you start to get excited about an example you change gears and have to read thru another 30 acronyms to get onto the next topic.

I must admit the book has a lot of great topics, points, and suggestions to solve current issues. What it lacks is the ability to hold one's attention. It is a fantastic resource to find a lot of information about the legal issues as they pertain to sports agents today, but if your looking for something that will help you define your job description and how to go about it, stay clear. The best way I can relate the book to you is similar to this Monday night game on ESPN. The last half of the book reads like the first 2 quarters offense. The book starts off slow but heats up near the end of the first half.

Today is the end of the first day of cutting back my sleep schedule to 6 hours from 7.5. Everything went pretty well today, even when faced with a lack of things to do I wasn't tempted to doze off. I figure the first day or two should be on par and I just hope I can stave off struggles by the end of the week.

I have been thinking of things to further my progress tomorrow and I think I am going to spend a few hours and reach out to my current contacts to see if they know anyone in the sports agent business I can call on for advice. Make sure you stop by my profile and listen to the audio sound byte. I listen to that at least 3 times a day to help me stay motivated.

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